The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht

The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht
The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht (click images to enlarge)

The Book of Decisions [Download] by Marc B. Lambrecht

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Description of The Book of Decisions [Download] from Marc B. Lambrecht

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Manufacturer Description

Making decisions can be highly uncomfortable: We don't know the future but are constantly forced to act as if we did. Our natural dread of error, especially in situations of major consequence, explains the innate longing for superior guidance and the atavistic attraction to oracles against all protests of our rational mind.

The Book of Decisions answers that primeval longing, if in a decidedly rational manner that does not require you to take leave of your critical faculties. It is, indeed, an oracle for people not inclined to accept advice - even from the most respected sources - on faith.

In terms of modern science, divination is the conscious access to the predictive knowledge existing in the transpersonal, or 'collective', unconscious which stores the total evolutionary experience of mankind. Predictions based on that experience are, by an astronomic distance, more accurate than those that rely on the limited experience of an individual life.

The rationalistic method employed by the Book of Decisions is the 'mind game'. It deliberately appeals to your sense of romance and adventure by transporting you into a world of fantasy:

The Dialogue is a game scenario in which you enter into the presence of a source of superior knowledge. You will find its counsel refreshingly free of moralising mysticism. Instead it focuses on one purpose: helping you assess the outcome of your decision by your own criteria of satisfaction and happiness, especially, those that tend to hide beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

In The Quest you embark on the adventurous pursuit of a chosen goal — with the requisite safeguards against the voyager's worst enemy, delusion, firmly in place. In this mode the Book of Decisions assists you in the more complex task of drafting plans and strategies for advantage and success in any decision situation life presents.

The games are all the more exciting for not merely entertaining but leaving you with a sharpened awareness of reality.

Product Features

The oracle for the rational person, science based and of exceptional predictive power. If you dare, a psychological game that penetrates subconscious depths to reveal your prospects of experiencing success and happiness. If you wish, a philosophical game that orients your perceptions of values and goals in relationships, job or business. In a lighter mood, an entertaining game of solitaire: Swap views with a 'superior' intelligence or challenge fate to a game of truth.