I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS from Atari Inc.

I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS from Atari Inc.
I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS from Atari Inc. I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS from Atari Inc. I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS from Atari Inc. (click images to enlarge)

I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS from Atari Inc.

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Description of I Heart Geeks - Nintendo DS by Atari Inc.

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Manufacturer Description

I Geeks is the ultimate puzzle experience, challenging players to create sophisticated and humorous contraptions using dozens of objects and the laws of real-world physics to solve over 100 brain teasers. Produced in cooperation with Mark Ecko Entertainment, the game features a tongue-in cheek story and hip art style where the brainy geek overcomes the brawny jocks, winning the heart of the beautiful cheerleader. A friendly interface and helpful tutorial make it easy for players to jump right in. Cheerful animated characters introduce new mechanisms and laws of physics in puzzles of increasing complexity, many that can be solved in multiple ways. Wireless support allows up to two players to face off against one another in timed puzzle-solving races.

Product Features

Fast and fun gameplay challenges players to solve unique puzzles with dozens of devices Stylus-driven gameplay allows players to easily move components, test out possible solutions, and fire up their crazy machines to see the results Multiple ways to solve most puzzles means that there is no single correct answer Over 100 puzzles of varying challenge and increasing difficulty Compete head-to-head against friends and family in multiplayer timed skill tests