Big Brain Academy: Nintendo DS

Big Brain Academy: Nintendo DS
Big Brain Academy: Nintendo DS Big Brain Academy: Nintendo DS (click images to enlarge)

Big Brain Academy: Nintendo DS

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Description of Big Brain Academy: Nintendo DS

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Manufacturer Description

Big Brain Academy, the second title in Nintendo's brain game series of games, challenges you with a course load of mind-bending activities and an addictive Multiplayer Mode! Test your mental acuity in a five-category quiz: thinking, memorization, computation, analysis, and identification. Work your computing abilities by comparing stacks of coins to find the higher value! Bulk up your analysis skills by quickly counting a huge stack of books! Each exercise takes less than a minute to complete. After you take the quiz, you'll get the weight of your brain, areas of strength and weakness -- and, most importantly, which career is best suited for you. Don't worry, it's all in fun. Once you think you're the star student at the Academy, compete with up to seven friends or family members through lightning-fast activities to see who really has the biggest brain of the bunch. Big Brain Academy brings a fresh entertainment anyone young and young at heart can enjoy. It's the perfect way to challenge and stimulate your mind.

Product Features

100% Compatible UK version Big Brain Academy is a series of minigames that are designed to exercise the brain Test mode will quiz players in five areas: thinking, memorization, computation, analysis and identification