101 Totally Tough BRAIN GAMES by 2ndEmpireMedia.Com

101 Totally Tough BRAIN GAMES by 2ndEmpireMedia.Com
101 Totally Tough BRAIN GAMES by 2ndEmpireMedia.Com (click images to enlarge)

101 Totally Tough BRAIN GAMES by 2ndEmpireMedia.Com

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Description of 101 Totally Tough BRAIN GAMES by 2ndEmpireMedia.Com

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Manufacturer Description

The Classic BRAIN GAMES VOLUME 1.0 - Is Filled With Maddeningly Magnificent Puzzles, Problems, Quizzes & Quandries That will challenge you for hours!

Brain Games Are a great way to kill time on long trips or just keep your mind sharp in your spare time! - ORDER NOW and You'll Get All These Classics & MORE

1. Introduction
2. The Zookeeper
3. The Tricky Traveler
4. Desert division
5. The gold test
6. The magic square
7. Poison
8. Murder?
9. The man in the tower
10. Open windows
11. The elevator
12. Glass of water
13. A game of hats
14. A man in love
15. Apples in the basket
16. The horse salesman
17. The barber
18. The big race
19. Dining out
20. Fair share
21. Crossing the river
22. Goblet of gold
23. Grandpa's age
24. Cricket
25. Three hungry men
26. The big mix-up
27. The three brides
28. The tricky prisoner
29. Sharing the milk
30. Observing the planets
31. Another murder story
32. Triangles
33. The assistant
34. Time nine minutes
35. Missing coin
36. The three light switches
37. Reduce the boxes
38. What comes next?
39. Planting season
40. The shopkeeper’s profit
41. The cook’s dilemma
42. Amoebas
43. Windy flight
44. Twenty minutes earlier
45. A question of weights
46. The wrong labels
47. The missing money mystery
48. At the movies
49. Heads and feet
50. Earth’s diameter
51. The dancers
52. The camper
53. Who stole the cookie?
54. The clock
55. The factory bonus
56. The six gallon container
57. The woman and the taxman
58. The runaway convict
59. The well
60. Cheating fate
61. One hundred gems
62. Buried treasure
63. A hole full of dirt
64. Racing cars
65. The boxing match
66. Florist free
67. The cheap box
68. Torn up message
69. Four men & a flashlight
70. The rich arab
71. Breaking records
72. Selling bibles
73. The running dog
74. The too long fishing pole
75. NASA canaries
76. Wine bottle
77. Trisecting an angle
78. The monkey question
79. Murder at the movies
80. My three forms
81. A big family
82. Peter went to the hardware shop
83. The murderous sister
84. Product of a series
85. Sending valuables
86. Inheriting his fortune
87. What time is it?
88. The jailbird
89. Falling off the ladder
90. Move a coin
91. It moved
92. The lost Soldier
93. How many pages
94. Farmer Brown
95. The not so bright Jeweler
96. The Queen could not sleep
97. Choosing socks
98. The classic 8 Queens problem
99. Change the equation
100. Up and down
101. Two masked men

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