1000 Easy Lapple Puzzles Book 2

1000 Easy Lapple Puzzles Book 2
1000 Easy Lapple Puzzles Book 2 (click images to enlarge)

1000 Easy Lapple Puzzles Book 2

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Description of 1000 Easy Lapple Puzzles Book 2

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Manufacturer Description

Easy Lapple puzzle is a lighter version of Lapple puzzle. If you are unfamiliar with lapple/lapple+ puzzles, you may be asking, “What is a lapple/lapple+ puzzle?” A lapple/lapple+ puzzle is an overLAPPing word puzzle. Each puzzle contains a word overlap from one to four letters. The objective is the find consecutive overlapping words and other words by following the string from beginning to end. For example, in the string KIDNAPKINGDOMESTICATERRORIST, one finds the words KID, KIDNAP, NAPKIN, KING, KINGDOM, DOMESTICATE, CATER, and TERRORIST. Usually you can find more words than the overlapping words used to make up the puzzle.
The overall benefits of working lapple puzzles include better memory, faster problem-solving skills, and increased alertness. Lapple puzzles help reinforce logic, critical thinking, and visualization. The mental exercise required to solve the puzzles provided in this book improves working memory.
Whether lapple puzzles are new for you, or you are already a lapple puzzle fan, this book will challenge you with Easy Lapple puzzles containing 31 letters ( lapple+ puzzles containing 161 letters ; lapple puzzles contain 127 letters). Whatever the experience level or age of the solver – child, adult, or senior – lapple puzzles provide the puzzle solver with an activity that is not only fun, but also mentally challenging. Easy Lapple puzzles have the solution words listed below the puzzle with letters reversed (Lapple puzzles have solutions listed in a different section of the book.)
Benefits of Lapple Puzzle Solving
In recent years, scientists have begun to pay more attention to the brain. The human brain is considered extremely complicated in its design and working. However, we know relatively little about how it works. We do know from studies that health benefits are derived from exercising the brain. Our minds, like our bodies, need stimulation and exercise. Working word, number, and logic puzzles provides that exercise for our brains.
Improved Focus and Attention
Puzzles can help your mind form new patterns and complex neural networks naturally. Scientists have found that your brain actually reorganizes itself in response to new challenges, and a lapple puzzle provides such a challenge.
Lapple puzzles also improve focus and attention while solutions are sought. Finding solutions requires a certain amount of solitude without distraction. Concentrated attention is an excellent skill to develop that will aid you in many areas of life.
Increased Mental Stimulation
Lapple puzzles provide you with an activity that is not only fun, but also mentally challenging. Thus, working lapple puzzles can increase your mental stimulation.
Intelligence Quotient – IQ – is a scientific assessment of your intelligence. Your IQ is derived from measuring problem solving abilities, memory, general knowledge, and spatial imagery. The average God-given IQ of an adult is 150. It cannot be increased by medical science, because of the microbiology of the brain. Your average effective (day-to-day) IQ is only 100-110, mostly due to neglect – lack of brain exercises.
Contrary to popular belief, your brain is capable of growth (effective IQ) and change throughout your life. The daily effective IQ can be increased by various mental activities, among them lapple puzzle solving.
Enhanced Thinking Skills
Adults do not realize while working puzzles that they are using thinking skills. Our brains learn new skills and acquire knowledge throughout our lives. Mastering puzzle-solving skills improves thinking.
Adults have a natural ability to play and be creative with words. Lapple puzzles can enhance and boost creative intelligence. This is a great opportunity improve the brain's overall health and longevity.
Improved Memory

Much has been made of the health benefits of doing brain puzzles. Puzzles require brain exertion (exercise). Therefore, puzzles improve memory and encourage better brain function.